The Creative Art ofBrady C. Harness







Brady Harness

The Creative Art ofBrady C. Harness

Reynoldsburg, OH


Greetings Friends,

I have self-taught myself Acrylic Painting over the last 40+ years.

I have sold my creations at Art Fairs and Shows and to individuals that showed interest at my homes.

Thusly, I do warmly Welcome You to my growing Art Gallery.

My Thoughts of being an Artist:

As an Artist, my compositions or artwork must certainly depict that concept which is a likness or a representation of what I have in mind.
While at the same time my pictures are acting as portrayals of my imagination on canvas, I desire to leave an opening for interpretation by my Patrons and Visitors rather they be landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, interpretations.

When I am justifying this over all goal, I allow myself the satisfaction of bringing pleasure to both my Patrons and myself!

As an Artist I have always believed that 'self-expression" is what creates uniquely different and interesting subjects. I enjoy Acrylic Paint as my medium and the vast majority of my subject matter is discovered when I close my eyes and view the back side of my eye-lids which presents a constantly flowing panorama of experience images and designs.

I have always enjoyed creating so that the middle class where my roots are from, can enjoy Art without having to pay an arm and leg for the enjoyment. I have been painting since my college days at Winona State Teachers College in Winona Minn. in the early 1970s. I have sold my creations in California, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Ohio.

Now kindly Click Below at Left Hand bottom of page and view my Creations.

It would be greatly appreciated if after visiting and You enjoyed my Gallery that You would help me,
by telling Your Friends about us.

Brady C. Harness



My Cabin in Winter by Brady Harness


Nativity Scene by Brady Harness


Tropical Rain Forest Water Fall by Brady Harness


New Mexico Adobe Home by Brady Harness


RedWood Farm Barn by Brady Harness


Twirling Leafs by Brady Harness


My Old Man by Brady Harness


Yellow Lilly by Brady Harness


I Want My Milk by Brady Harness


Lake Logan Thunderhead by Brady Harness